About Us

thrift depot staff

Our mission at The Thrift Depot will be to support local organizations for anyone experiencing homelessness by providing clothing, shoes and essentials at no cost. This idea has always been a dream of mine to have a platform to help more people that need it.

If you would, consider partnering with us to drop off donations during donation hours or schedule a donation pick up

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide tax deductible receipts?

Unfortunately, no. We are not an official nonprofit at this time, therefore we cannot provide tax deductible receipts. Our mission remains the same - to use our resources to help those in need. We are working towards establishing relationships with organizations and people who know the needs of our community, so that we can provide resources and help needed. If you know of someone in need- please send an email to josh@thethriftdepot.com.

Are you a thrift store or a clothing bank?

Yes! We are a thrift store that sells items to the general public for a cost. The proceeds from the store help support the business and our mission. Our goal is to also provide items and resources for those in need or experiencing homelessness. We hope to provide clothing, shoes, and other essentials from our store at no cost to those who need it.

What if I can’t make it during your donation hours?

Email donations@thethriftdepot.com to arrange for additional donation hours.

What donations do you accept?

We accept clothing, shoes, home goods, kids items, electronics, books, and more. We are unable to take most large furniture at this time. If you have a furniture piece, please email donations@thethriftdepot.com with a picture of the item to see if we can accept it.